A tic-tac-toe within a tic-tac-toe.

Three game modes from Quick to Strategic.
For 1 player or 2 players in local.
That's my first game ^^ made with TIC-80.

Now with French and Italian translations.


ultimate_tic_tac_toe_win.exe 4 MB
ultimate_tic_tac_toe 4 MB
ultimate_tic_tac_toe_mac 4 MB

Install instructions

Install on linux: Download it → right clic → properties → permissions → authorize the execution

Install on Windows: Ignore the Windows warning or use the itch app.

Development log


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How hard would it be to make an Android port? This could be an amazing little Android Game!

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Totally agree! When I decided to use TIC-80 I was hoping we could export the game to be in android format in future TIC-80 updates, but I don't think it will happen at the end. And I won't be able to make a port myself.
You can still play it on your phone with the instructions I gave there https://itch.io/post/6433204 but that's not user friendly, sorry.

And thanks for the comment! That's cool to see there is still some activity 2.5 years after the initial release ^^


Damnnnn this is next level

This is super fun! I think i'll see if I can play it on paper with some buddies sometime, assuming I can keep it all straight in my head lol. Very clever game.

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I remember having this exact idea multiple years ago and playing that with people, now someone made a game based on that idea, cool!

Except we would compete for a single square and then move on to the next, not all at the same time, because it becomes luck-based that way.


Haha, cool!

Not sure I understand the end, there is no luck at all in this game : The big case in which you can play is determined by the small case the other player chose.

oh my god how did I miss that? That is genius, sorry for that, that is more interesting than the game I thought of when I was little

maybe add a gamemode that allows to play wherever you want, because it can be kind of restricting

You can say it's restrictive but you can also say that it gives you the power to decide where your opponent can play! That is the essence of this game.
I'll think about allowing to play everywhere but that might end up being too close to the tic-tac-toe.

By the way, was it clear to you that you decide where your opponent can play? I might need to make the rules even clearer but I am not sure how.

i understood that you can choose where your opponent will play, but i am speaking about another gamemode, because more customization usually helps, also, it would be easier to get the ideas about the game, like a begginer mode

Ok, I'll think about it. Thanks for the feedback!

i love this

Great job! Would you like to make an android version on mobile phone?

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I'd love to! But I rely on TIC-80 software and that should not be possible before maybe a year, maybe more.

However, if you ever want to play it offline with a better interface on android you can do the following:
1. Download and install TIC-80 from https://tic80.com/create
2. Download Ultimate tic-tac-toe on your phone by doing the following:
 - Open TIC-80 and type `surf`
 - Find Ultimate tic-tac-toe in folder tic80.com -> Play -> Games
 - Once you are on the game press back on you phone to access the menu and click "Close game"
 - Go back to root folder selecting [..] -> [..] -> [..]
 - Press back on your phone again
 - Type "save /tic-tac-toe.tic"
3. Play Ultimate tic-tac-toe by doing
 - Open TIC-80 and type "surf"
 - Choose "tic-tac-toe"

thx a lot.

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Great ! so simpl yet so intersting to play !

I hope you get more players



I introduced the game, I hope you like it.

Great, thanks!

LOL i had the same idea xd




How about treating developers properly?


How about taking a harmless joke?

i finally beat very hard :D very fun to figure out


This has existed before, so it's not that original :P

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Yes, totally. That's a game I love and I wanted to advertise, but I did not create it. It even has a wikipedia page. However, the AI (with TIC-80 limitations) is my creation.


This is a really creative take on the classic game. I love it.

I love it!!

I really miss playing this tic-tac-toe style with my bestie and now I can play it like this :DD

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No, TIC-80 which is an excellent free and open source alternative ;)

This is a very nice and very funny game. I played a few rounds at it was very challanging sometimes! I very like the game idea!


Nice concept and constantly improving

What a clever design! And it's got 2 player 😊 Glad it works pretty well on my phone browser too. (There's some slight glitchiness with the end of game "Hide" button but that's about it)

Great game!

Thank you very much!

On which platform do you have glitchiness? I'll try to fix it

Very clever, nicely done