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Hi all,

Since the last update which clarified the rules, the game reached a success that I did not expect! More people discover it every week and I am so happy about that!

As stated in a comment, I did not create the rules of this game that exists since a long time and even has a Wikipedia page. Several other Ultimate tic-tac-toe already existed on when I created this one. I like to think that the AI I developed, the different sets of rules I implemented and the efforts I put made the difference, but it's also quite some luck ^^ Anyway, I hope I popularized a bit more this game that really deserves it. Note that you only need a paper and a pen to play with a friend!

Concerning this update, I updated to the most recent version of TIC-80 which has a better menu and an integrated mouse pointer.

I also added the exe file to install it on Windows. Note that you will get an "unknown publisher" warning from windows that you can ignore. To remove this warning I would need to pay for a certificate that costs at the minimum 70$/year, I won't do that ^^' If you prefer you can install it from the Itch app, then the warning won't show.
Or if there is enough downloads Windows will consider that it is sufficiently known and safe and won't show the warning any more, but that is beyond dreams ^^

Thank you all for your support!

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Jul 09, 2022
ultimate_tic_tac_toe_win.exe 4 MB
Jul 09, 2022
ultimate_tic_tac_toe_linux 4 MB
Jul 09, 2022
ultimate_tic_tac_toe_mac 4 MB
Jul 09, 2022

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