French and Italian localization

Hi all,

One of my goal when I make a game is to make it the most accessible to the most of people, and not everyone is comfortable with reading English. Therefore in this update I have translated the game in French and Italian! This has been made possible thanks to the help of Dermir on the Italian translation.
There may still be hidden mistakes, please tell me if you see any ^^

Now that I have created the necessary tools I could add more translations easily, so if you speak an other language and would like to help me with the translation, do not hesitate, I would be delighted! (That would be about 30 entries ^^).


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Oct 05, 2022
ultimate_tic_tac_toe_win.exe 4 MB
Oct 05, 2022
ultimate_tic_tac_toe 4 MB
Oct 05, 2022
ultimate_tic_tac_toe_mac 4 MB
Oct 05, 2022

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